Micah Parsons ripped into the NFL on Twitter over Chris Jones penalty

Dallas Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons went off on the NFL over the controversial roughing the passer penalty on Chris Jones.Β 

If you missed it, Chris Jones was flagged for tackling Derek Carr on Monday Night.

No, seriously. All snark and apparent logic aside, Jones was penalized for doing the thing the Kansas City Chiefs paid him $60 million guaranteed to do: tackle the quarterback.

Jones strip sacked Carr but was ruled to have put too much of his body weight onto Carr (or something stupid like that) when making the tackle and the Raiders were awarded the ball back and 15 yards.

Just watch:

This call came a day after Grady Jarrett was flagged for a similarly soft roughing the passer call while sacking Tom Brady. Most NFL fans have spent the last 24 hours ranting about how bad that call was not knowing that it would be topped beyond belief on national television.

Even before the Jones penalty, Dallas Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons was already heated about the way the NFL officiates defenders and overly protects offensive players.

The call on Monday night sent him over the edge, and rightfully so.

Parsons lit up the NFL on his Twitter account, going off on the league over the penalty on Jones and using it to further his case that the rules are designed in a way that puts the defense at a serious disadvantage.

It’s hard to blame Parsons for being livid over the call. Earlier in the day he called the NFL out over not applying its rules across the board, sharing an image of him being held and potentially put in danger of injury with the call going unnoticed by officials.

It’s been an ongoing argument among players and fans for years, and the evidence against the NFL’s fairness continues to mount. Thankfully the Chiefs are enough of a death machine to have come back against the Raiders and not allowed the penalty against Jones to affect the outcome of the game, but the same cannot be said for the Falcons who lost on Sunday thanks in large part to that call on Jarrett.

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