Latest trade buzz and reaches to expect tonight

Finally, it’s NFL Draft day! Tonight, the draft opens up with the Carolina Panthers on the clock first, after trading with the Chicago Bears a while back to secure the first overall pick.

Only the first round is tonight in Kansas City, with the rest of the draft getting peppered in throughout the weekend. The very site where the Chiefs celebrated their third franchise Super Bowl now becomes the stage for the newest stars coming up to the league to get announced.

While the first overall pick seems locked in at Bryce Young, no one knows what is happening after that. General managers have told reporters this is the most unknown draft in recent memory. With that, you know a flurry of trades could come.

Here’s what we know on the latest action.

Is Tyreek Hill teasing a Dolphins trade?

We don’t know what the heck this means in actuality, but Tyreek Hill knows something that you don’t. Could it be a Dolphins trade?

Miami had to forfeit its first-round pick this year, so the most logical outcome here would be the Dolphins making a deal here to sneak into the first round.

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