Joe Burrow showed up to Bengals-Saints game in a LSU jersey (Video)

The legend of Joe Burrow continues to grow, as his return to the bayou featured another iconic pregame outfit choice. 

 Joe Burrow is quickly approaching, if he hasn’t already, Tom Hanks territory.

He still doesn’t have the accolades to match Hanks in that regard, but he’s already close to being on his level in another very important department. Hanks is one of the rare celebrities who is universally beloved and even folks who don’t like his movies find it hard to say a bad thing.

That’s where Joe Burrow is just three years into his career, but his legend has been growing well before his arrival in the NFL.

Burrow has delivered for Bengals fans in ways they’ve been hoping for but had been conditioned to believe would never be possible. That’s what the Andy Dalton-Marvin Lewis years do to a fanbase.

With Burrow the Bengals are now annual Super Bowl contenders. His magic has rejuvenated a franchise that had grown accustomed to participating in the playoff race but not actually doing much to leave a mark. Marching into Kansas City and dethroning the Chiefs went a long way in power-washing off the stink of the disappointing old years.

It was more than just the win over the Chiefs that turned the tide for the Bengals. Burrow’s pregame outfit became as much the stuff of legend as his performance in the game itself.

The birth of Joe Cool happened well before the AFC Championship Game. Part of the reinvention of the Bengals has been Burrow layering his energy and swagger onto the team, and it’s something that he’s been doing since his college days.

Burrow was selected first overall in 2020, mere months removed from winning a National Championship at LSU. That win happened at the Superdome in New Orleans, where Burrow returned in Week 6 for the first time since winning it all with the Tigers.

To honor the occasion, he showed up to the game with another iconic entry in his pregame outfit routine. He showed up wearing an LSU National Championship jersey belonging to Ja’Marr Chase.

Chase was Burrow’s teammate at LSU when they won a title together in 2020, and the Bengals pairing them in Cincinnati resulted in a trip to the Super Bowl two years later.

Burrow’s flexes have been subtle but they’re absolutely fantastic when they happen. This outfit in particular says the quiet part out loud in that Burrow can talk a big game but he has consistently backed it up by delivering for his entire career.

How can anyone in Cincinnati not want to run through a wall for this guy when he does stuff like this?

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