Ja’Marr Chase’s ex-girlfriend claims to have evidence to ‘end’ WR’s career in since-deleted post

The ex-girlfriend of Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase, Ambar Nicole, claims to have evidence that would ruin the WR’s career in a since-deleted post. 

The ex-girlfriend of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase made an alarming claim on social media on Wednesday night in a since-deleted post.

Ambar Nicole, an Instagram model who has a child with the Bengals 2021 first-round pick, took to Instagram stories on Wednesday night and posted a series of concerning images and messages with claims that she had evidence that “would end his career”.

“Now Mr .Chase you have some skeletons in your closet,” Nicole wrote. “I know the real you. stop dodging the courts and responsibility. You know yourself I have multiple videos that will end your career in one post. I’ll have my attorney at the bengals facility in 2.5 seconds. You know wassup.”

In the next message she said she would go live to tell the “horror stories” about dealing with Chase despite the fact that she’d been holding off in order to share them during a court appearance. She then had two more stories appearing to feature conversations with Chase that she claims were had while she was pregnant with their child together.

Ja’Marr Chase: Ex-girlfriend Ambar Nicole says she has evidence that would ‘end his career’

Nicole deleted the posts from her Instagram stories after they began to gain more attention.

We have no knowledge what Nicole is accusing Chase of in these posts but she appears quite serious. The entire situation and her claims that she has videos that would ruin the receiver’s career are highly troubling, though.

These accusations or claims against Chase come the same week that Bengals running back Joe Mixon was mentioned in a “shots fired” call at a property associated with him in which a juvenile was injured. It remains unclear what Mixon’s involvement was.

This is still a developing story that we will update with any more information that is made available.

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