Garrett Wilson is every Jets fan expressing Aaron Rodgers frustration

Jets fans have been put through the wringer waiting to find out if Aaron Rodgers will be their quarterback. So have players like Garrett Wilson.

Sometimes it feels like there is a gulf between the experience of NFL players and NFL fans. Playing for a team and rooting for that team are two different journies.

When it comes to the Aaron Rodgers saga, however, Jets fans and players are apparently riding the exact same roller coaster.

Will he? Won’t he? No one knows.

Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson had to tell fans that he didn’t have any inside info on Rodgers status after he tweeted what looked like a confirmation of reports that it was a done deal.

Garrett Wilson is waiting for Aaron Rodgers news just like Jets fans

“I ain’t gon fake it, I thought ‘Dov’ bro tweet was the news break I was waiting for… smh. Idk anything. Sorry ab that,” Wilson tweeted on Monday night as Rodgers remained apparently undecided.

It all started when Trey Wingo tweeted that “Rodgers to the Jets is done.” That report was aggregated and shared by Dov Kleiman, the account referenced by Wilson.

NFL Insiders like Ian Rapoport refuted Wingo’s report, saying the signs of a potential trade for Rodgers were there but a done deal it was not.

It looks like Wilson got caught up in the same hope that Jets fans did when they saw Wingo’s report. Hours later, it became clear that the wait for news on Rodgers would stretch on.

It’s been an excruciating wait for Jets fans but they’re not the only ones holding their breath. Wilson’s future is tied up in Rodgers’ decision. And he’s not the only one. With word of “package deals” swirling around, there are a bunch of players who need the quarterback to set his course before they can move forward themselves.

And so Aaron Rodgers watch remains.

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