Davante Adams appears to delete apology tweet for shoving cameraman

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams deleted his previous apology on Twitter for pushing a cameraman.

Adams shoved an NFL cameraman in frustration after the Raiders loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night. Since, he’s been charged with misdemeanor assault, which could carry with it a fine and some minimal jail time (though that is unlikely).

The Las Vegas wide receiver apologized for his actions after the game by his locker, though said regret wasn’t enough for the cameraman, who proceeded to press charges.

“I want to apologize to the guy, there was some guy running off the field, and he ran, like jumped in front of me coming off the field and I bumped into him, kind of pushed him, and he ended up on the ground,” Adams said. “So I wanted to say sorry to him for that because that was just frustration mixed with him literally just running in from of me. I shouldn’t have responded that way, but that’s how I initially responded. So, I want to apologize to him for that.”

Davante Adams tweets apology, which has since been deleted

Adams went a step further later that night, tweeting out an apology to the man he pushed.

“Sorry to the guy I pushed over after the game. Obviously very frustrated at the way the game ended and when he ran infront of me as I exited that was my reaction and I felt horrible immediately. Thats not me..MY APOLOGIES man hope you see this,” Adams tweeted.

It’s unknown why Adams decided to delete this tweet, or whether it’s related to the man pressing charges against him. With a case against him now pending, expect the Raiders wide receiver to stay relatively quiet about the incident and allow his legal team to do most the talking.

The NFL should announce some sort of punishment in the coming days.

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