Daniel Jones’ desired salary just got even more absurd

The latest NFL rumors indicate that Daniel Jones is even more greedy than we previously thought. Who will pay him this much?

The latest NFL rumors will have you scratching your head about what the going rate is for an NFL starting quarterback.

The quarterback market in the NFL is always expanding. It’s the most important position on the field, so of course, teams are incentivized to make sure they don’t lose talent there. To do so, they need to pay.

Over time, most quarterback contracts start to look a little bit better, because the contracts are typically guaranteed for a period of several years and the market leaps past the previous era’s finances while the contracts play out.

But Daniel Jones is trying to leap about an era and a half ahead with his free agency wishes. The New York Giants quarterback, who could very well get franchise tagged this season precluding him from being able to get a long-term deal anyway, was reported to want a contract around $45 million.

But wait, it gets worse.

Daniel Jones wants a minimum of $45 million, not a maximum

Apparently, that massive number is just the start. The New York Daily News reported that Jones is seeking more than $45 million annually on a multi-year extension.

That’s a heap of cash for a quarterback who has won just a single playoff game. Jones proved a lot last year, leading the Giants to the postseason with a relatively inexperienced offense and few big-name weapons to speak of.

Still, Jones’ contract would surely be the Kirk Cousins contract of this era, but it may not age as well as Cousins has.

If Jones really wants $45 million, it seemed as though his best bet was hoping for the franchise tag and seeking that number in a year or two. But now it looks like the Giants could really make it happen and pay the man what he wants.

That would be a very risky decision. If they go through with it, let’s see how it pays off…

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