Cowboys star fell for savage but fake D’Andre Swift comment

Micah Parsons clapped back at new divisional rival D’Andre Swift for taking jabs at the Cowboys franchise….turns out, it was but a cruel trick.

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons is always ready to run through a wall for his franchise, so when newly minted Philadelphia Eagles running back D’Andre Swift seemingly insulted America’s Favorite Team, Parsons barked back.

Swift was traded to the Eagles after the Detroit Lions drafted Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round, and he should easily slide in as Philly’s top running back on the roster.

The dual-threat back will probably do the most of his talking on the field, which is why it was strange to see a quote of him dissing Dallas on Twitter.

In the quote, Swift claims he chose to wear the number zero because “that’s how many times the Cowboys have been to an NFC Championship game in my lifetime.”

Parsons replied to Swift saying that Swift “just pulled up on the block,” insinuating that he thought Swift was starting the trash talk a little too early.

Micah Parsons barks at D’Andre Swift over artificially created drama

The Cowboys star ended up looking like the fool in this exchange when it was revealed Swift never said those comments at all. The puppet master behind the scenes was an Eagles fan with the same name as a character from The Wire. Very curious indeed….

Damn Elon Musk for getting rid of blue check marks.

Next season’s NFC East matchups between Dallas and Philly should nonetheless send sparks flying as the reigning conference champs lock horns against a team that still hasn’t learned how to manage the time clock.

Parsons made his opinions about the Eagles’ draft very clear, especially after Philly picked top defensive tackle Jalen Carter.

Parsons and the Cowboys defense will have four and a half months to try and figure out how to stop the Eagles’ quarterback sneak; as for the Birds, they’re thriving from recent acquisitions like D’Andre Swift and have every reason to hope for a back-to-back Super Bowl appearance.

The Eagles are beating the Cowboys in the offseason right now — they know it, and Parsons knows it, too.


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