Chiefs, Bills fans line up for showdown like it’s a Black Friday sale

Chiefs and Bills fans are ready for Sunday’s highly anticipated Week 6 matchup, lining up the night before to get in.

We’re ready for the Kansas City Chiefs to host the Buffalo Bills in Week 6. Are you?

Chiefs and Bills fans in Kansas City sure are, as some of them decided to line up to get a good tailgating spot the night before the game.

James Palmer took a drive around the line at 6:30 AM in KC and the line was long. If you’re planning on getting a good spot today, you’re already late.

That’s commitment. That’s what happens when two of the league’s most passionate fanbases collide.

Chiefs and Bills fans are ready for another volume in the Mahomes vs Allen chronicles

You have to love this rivalry whether you’re a fan of one of these teams or not. Both teams are led by young, incredibly talented Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Both teams represent smaller markets with blue collar fans. And both fanbases have been through some really dark times where their teams were hot garbage.

Now, with both of them peaking simultaneously, it’s making for an awesome AFC rivalry, especially if past performance is any indicator:

Here’s how the most recent regular season matchups have gone:

  • 2020: Chiefs defeat Bills, 26-17
  • 2021: Bills defeat Chiefs, 38-20

In the postseason, though, the Chiefs have had the Bills’ number.

  • 2020 season (game occurred in 2021): Chiefs defeat Bills, 38-24
  • 2021 season (occurred in 2022): Chiefs defeat Bills in OT, 42-36

So far, it’s been the Chiefs’ rivalry. The Bills have made free agency upgrades that should make KC somewhat fearful, though. Is this the year the Bills finally get past the Chiefs?

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