Bills Mafia shovels driveway so players can make it to airport (Video)

Buffalo Bills fans showed a new level of ‘Bills Mafia’ on Saturday by shoveling out players’ driveways so they can make it to the airport.

The Buffalo community certainly has each other’s backs in times of need, and as the NFL season goes into the dreaded days of winter for residents of the north, Bills Mafia supported their players in a heartfelt way.

Buffalo, New York was hit with a massive snowstorm, thus forcing a Bills home game to be played elsewhere. Bills Mafia helped several players in these difficult times by shoveling driveways, making it much easier and stress-free for players to make it to the airport.

Buffalo is fighting hard to win the extremely-competitive AFC East division. They’re doing well, tied with the New York Jets for second place in the standings with a 6-3 record, but they’ve finished first the past two consecutive seasons and must focus on playing up to their full potential if they want to do so again.

This simple act of kindness from Bills Mafia could go a long way as they head to Detroit to face the Cleveland Browns.

The Bills face a few challenges approaching Week 10

Buffalo is favored to win against the Browns, but anything could happen after facing some unexpected challenges. No matter how accustomed someone is to dealing with snow, it still complicates things.

Buffalo also planned on hosting the game at their home stadium, which would give them an advantage over the Browns. However, the team is now unexpectedly in another state, and the Bills haven’t had much time to mentally prepare for that outcome.

The Browns, on the other hand, didn’t face many new challenges that would complicate their game. Cleveland wasn’t hit with a huge snowstorm, and though they do have to prepare to play at a new location as well, they were prepared to play away from home regardless.

In a time where Buffalo faces many unexpected challenges that could impact their game, Bills Mafia certainly eliminated at least one stressor through such a simple act of kindness.

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