Bill Belichick is treating Mac Jones completely different from Tom Brady

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is taking a remarkably different approach with how he coaches Mac Jones compared to Tom Brady.

The two-decade relationship between New England Patriots legends Tom Brady and Bill Belichick was not always without tension. In fact, in some ways, their partnership thrived on tension. Confrontation was even brought between the two by design.

Evidently, that’s not the approach Belichick is taking with his next franchise quarterback, Mac Jones.

In a recent column in The Athletic, Jeff Howe juxtaposed the way Belichick has approached his relationships (subscription required) with the two quarterbacks.

Howe reminded readers that Belichick intentionally would chew Brady out in front of other players to make sure everyone knew that no one was untouchable. But now, with Jones, Belichick is taking a gentle approach, and even instructing his coaching staff to approach Jones with constructive criticism rather than aggression.

Remains to be seen if Bill Belichick’s approach for Mac Jones will work

Howe went on to note that Mac Jones, at one point last season, suggested he wanted to be coached harder. It’s easy to say that, not as easy to accept tough coaching when it comes.

One can only imagine that Belichick, an accomplished head coach with the most Super Bowl rings in NFL history, knows what he’s doing here and has chosen this approach with Jones for a reason.

Plus, the intensity he gave Brady was due to Brady earning that approach. He chewed him out to set an example that the team’s leader and best player wasn’t above critiques or the team.

Has Jones earned the title of the team’s undisputed leader or best player yet?

Entering his third year, one could argue not quite, and that the title is still up for grabs.

Perhaps once Jones becomes an undisputed winner and leads the team to a playoff win or two, then Belichick will press in harder.

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