Bears fans were calling for ownership to sell after embarrassing TNF performance

After the Chicago Bears stunk on Thursday Night Football, fans of the Windy City called for team ownership to sell the franchise. 

If there’s one thing the Chicago Bears fans can agree on, it’s that the ownership group has stayed too long with no results. Thus, they must sell the team.

The fans made it abundantly clear following Thursday night’s atrocity of a performance in which the Bears scored 7 points in a 12-7 loss to Carson Wentz and the Washington Commanders. The chants were firmly directed at George McCaskey, Ted Phillips, and the McCaskey family.

Here’s the funny part. What if that was Commanders fans asking Daniel Snyder to sell his team instead? After all, Washington is in controversy with its owner, but for the sake of this story, we should assume it’s about the Bears.

That’s the problem in a rebuild. The fanbase wants it to be quick and are unwilling to be patient. But for a team that has to resort back to 1985 for any chance of glory, it’s reasonable to understand why patience has grown thin.

Chicago Bears fans are losing patience and want to win now, or the ownership should sell the team

It’s justifiable — the anger, that is. The Bears just can’t seem to get it right, and Chicago is making it very clear that this can’t continue. The problem is, while the new regime has a hand in this mess, they aren’t solely responsible.

That would happen to be Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Nagy was already loathed, but the biggest issue was Pace. He left limited resources and little cap space to work with after screwing up several drafts and signings, notably the Mitchell Trubisky disaster.

While Justin Fields has glimmered with promise on explosive runs, he can’t keep taking hits like he has taken so far in his career. The talent is so thin around him, and there is no protection to alleviate the issue. The Bears have one of the worst rosters in the league, and it may take years before they get back to being any good.

The ownership is not going to sell. They are too rooted in their ways to do that. As such, Bears fans must endure the inevitable pain that comes with rooting for their team, hoping they can finally be the best in the league someday. That may take another decade-plus if this ineptitude keeps up.

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