Alvin Kamara fight photos just made legal situation even more complicated

A civil suit has been filed against New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara, which includes photos of the incident.

The incident occurred outside of a nightclub during the NFL’s Pro Bowl in early February. Kamara, as well as Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons and two other men, face criminal charges.

Darnell Greene has reportedly filed a civil suit against Kamara, and requests compensation as well as punitive damages. Greene is represented by Tony Buzbee, the same lawyer who took on Deshaun Watson on behalf of his alleged victims of sexual assault and harassment.

The photos, revealed in the lawsuit and published by CBS Las Vegas affiliate, can be seen here. A warning to some viewers, the photos contain graphic material.

Alvin Kamara lawsuit: Everything to know

The alleged incident took place inside a nightclub, where Kamara, according to Greene, would not let him on the elevator and placed his hand on the reported victim’s chest. Greene removed Kamara’s hand from his chest, which led to a shove and then the reported conflict.

The lawsuit filed this week alleges Kamara bragged about the incident to his friends after the fact:

“Immediately after the vicious beating, Kamara bragged about it with a member of his group, stating, “I connected with the [expletive]’s jaw so hard,” the lawsuit claims, per CBS.

The suit evidently includes audio and visual recording of the incident, which complicates Kamara’s criminal investigation even further, as well as the NFL’s eventual decision. The lawsuit paints Greene as the victim, and alleges further action from Kamara after he was knocked to the ground.

“[Kamara] chased Greene down the hall and proceeded to strike him multiple times until he was knocked to the ground,” the lawsuit claimed. “At no point during the attack did Greene hit, punch, or push Kamara or any of his associates.”

Police backed up Greene’s claims in the civil suit, stating that his explanation via Buzbee is exactly what he claimed to their department.

A court date has not been set.

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