Alabama pass rusher may go second to Texas Tech star

There is a chance Texas Tech’s Tyree Wilson goes to the Houston Texans at No. 2 over Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud and Alabama’s Will Anderson Jr.

It would be absolutely wild if the Houston Texans took Texas Tech edge rusher Tyree Wilson over Alabama superstar Will Anderson Jr. at No. 2 if they did not go with a quarterback to begin with.

Peter King’s intel on the developing draft situation is incredibly fascinating. He wrote in his latest Football Morning in America column on this exact thing. Basically, King would not be surprised if Wilson went over Anderson to a team like the Texans. Although he thinks there is a decent chance they could trade back from No. 2, apparently, they are not all that sold on Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud.

Going with an edge player makes sense, given that new head coach DeMeco Ryans favors that side of the ball. There is also a chance Houston may still like quarterback Davis Mills in-house, or are at least willing to give him one more season before positioning themselves to draft the next star quarterback coming out in 2024, whether that be USC’s Caleb Williams or UNC’s Drake Maye.

However, I couldn’t in good conscience take Wilson over Anderson, especially if I were Houston…

NFL Draft rumors: Tyree Wilson may go to Houston Texans over Will Anderson Jr.

The big hold-up in this for me is not Houston possibly going with an edge defender over a quarterback, but the Texans prioritizing Wilson over Anderson. Wilson may have starred in-state, but Anderson is the next Derrick Thomas. Both of whom are Alabama alums. And guess who else is??? DeMeco Ryans! For that reason alone, I can’t fathom Houston taking Wilson over Anderson.

This is exactly the same philosophical debate when it comes to this year’s quarterback class. Anthony Richardson may have the highest upside of all of them, but if he bombs, and Bryce Young is the next Joe Burrow, then entire front offices and coaching staffs will be fired and someone’s little girls are going to have to find a new private school to attend. Don’t overthink the room here…

However, if there is any saving grace here, it is this: People panned the J.J. Watt draft pick back in 2011. Like, fans booed the pick senselessly when he went to the Texans. Shows what they know, as he became the greatest player in franchise history and one of the most dominant defensive players this league has seen in the last decade-plus. Wilson could be that, but Anderson is the guy.

Houston has so many problems, but let’s just hope for Texans fans that the team thinks logically.

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