Aaron Rodgers backs up his words with simple solution for Packers offense

After losing to the Jets, Aaron Rodgers said the Packers offense needs to simplify. He’s got one other simple solution to fix things.

The Packers have lost two games in a row at home. Aaron Rodgers is trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding.

In his postgame press conference after Sunday’s loss to the Jets, he talked about the need to simplify things across the board. In his experience, Green Bay is more productive when they go back to basics.

Then in his Monday appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers agreed with another suggestion about how to get more out of one of the Packers’ best weapons.

Aaron Rodgers’ fix for the Packers offense: More Aaron Jones

“Every time that there’s an L, there’s any type of adversity, there’s going to be narratives that come out of it and an easy one for us is ‘oh we’ve got to get the ball to 33 [Aaron Jones] more’ and it’s true. When he touches the ball good things happen,” Rodgers said.

It’s no coincidence that the best offensive performances of the season for Green Bay, against Chicago and New England, have coincided with games in which Jones rushed for 100 yards.

Jones had just nine carries against the Jets, prompting criticism of the balance on offense.

However, Rodgers pushed back on the idea that Jones not getting the ball was part of the plan.

“We’re not trying to not force feed him the ball, it’s just sometimes the way the game shakes out he doesn’t get as many touches as other games,” Rodgers said.

Maybe that’s something that Matt LaFleur and company should focus on then. The troubles with the Packers offense won’t be solved until they can avoid being one-dimensional. They don’t have the receiving corps to damage defenses like they once did. The rushing attack has to be more of a focal point.

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