3 weapons to draft for Jordan Love and stick it to Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love, Marvin Mims

Packers, Marvin Mims (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Finally, the news Green Bay Packers and New York Jets fans were waiting for: Aaron Rodgers has been traded

It is official. No, really, it is. The Green Bay Packers have finally, officially moved on from Aaron Rodgers by trading him to the New York Jets and thus beginning the Jordan Love era.

For months now, Packer fans have begun hyping themselves up and getting into more of an optimistic type of spirit when it comes to Love taking over. Now, they can officially fuel their optimism for, hopefully, the future of their franchise.

This is going to be Year 4 for Love, who will finally take over as the team’s starter. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Once upon a time, Rodgers did the same thing for another former Packers great, Brett Favre.

For Packers fans, this is more of a “good riddance,” than anything. Rodgers has done plenty for the organization but had worn out his welcome and it was time to move on. If Green Bay really wanted to, this week, they could make a few select picks in the 2023 NFL Draft to truly stick it to their former quarterback.

Weapons the Packers can select in 2023 NFL Draft to stick it to Aaron Rodgers: Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

With their third or fourth-round pick, the Packers could opt to go after Oklahoma wide receiver Marvin Mims. This is the type of pick that could end up becoming one heck of a steal if used correctly within the offense.

The offense already has one large, athletic speedster in Christian Watson. Mims is a little on the smaller end, but is an absolute burner. He’s a deep threat and a big play waiting to happen at any given point.

With Watson on the outside and Mims potentially in the slot and used in other creative ways, this offense gets a whole lot more exciting. You give a mobile quarterback plenty of speed at his disposal, and fun things can unfold.

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