3 strangest players we ever saw in a Denver Broncos uniform

Denver Broncos

Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 and Safety Brian Dawkins #20 of the Denver Broncos (Photo by Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson could go down as the strangest player to ever wear a Denver Broncos jersey, but we need to hold onto what little faith we have that he could turn it around. There are plenty of other stars who make no sense in a Broncos jersey, despite absolutely playing in Denver. 

The Denver Broncos are a team with an interesting history. Most of its stars were homegrown. John Elway, Von Miller, Terrell Davis, and Champ Bailey were just a few of the all-time greats to wear orange and blue. They were fantastic in the Mile High City. Then, there were a few stars who were fantastic in Denver after excelling elsewhere. Peyton Manning helped the Broncos win a Super Bowl, John Lynch had a nice second chapter to his career, and Aqib Talib was off-the-charts good during his time.

Then, there’s Russell Wilson. He’s been a nightmare since the Broncos traded A LOT to get him from the Seattle Seahawks. It’s so bad, some are asking if the Broncos can get out of his contract before it even starts. He may end up on this list, but since we’re still in the middle of this experience, we’ll skip that one.

However, there are plenty of other players who just look strange in a Broncos uniform. We’ll start with one that actually spent three seasons in Denver, but we don’t seem to remember any of them.

Strangest Denver Broncos of all time: 3. Brian Dawkins

On the last day of February 2009, the Broncos signed Brian Dawkins to a five-year deal. He was incredible in his first season in Denver. He had 116 tackles, two interceptions, and 11 deflected passes. It was one of the best safety seasons in the entire NFL in 2009.

After this, things took a turn. He battled injuries in 2010, only playing 11 games and recording 66 tackles. The defense was in flux, with Mike Nolan losing his job. They had a lot of veteran presence in the secondary, but this was the Josh McDaniels Broncos. It was not a fun place.

Dawkins spent one more year in Denver before he retired. While he was productive, Dawkins is just hard to see with the Broncos logo. He’s an Eagles player through and through.

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