3 strangest players to ever play in a Steelers jersey

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Michael Vick (2): Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most iconic franchises in the NFL. With six Super Bowl championships and the superstars leading them there, it’s always interesting to see the star players who took a shot in the black and yellow.

The Pittsburgh Steelers may be the second most well-known franchise in the NFL. It actually shows the eclectic nature of the league that the most popular franchise plays in Dallas, Texas and the second most popular plays in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers have the numbers to back it up. The franchise has six Super Bowls on record, tied with the New England Patriots for most in the league.

Winning six Super Bowls makes your franchise desirable. That will lead superstar players to the Steelers late in their careers. It’s happened pretty often. Looking back, it doesn’t get any stranger to see these players in a Steelers jersey.

Sometimes these players took backup roles in Pittsburgh. Other times, they came in trying to be a “final piece” to a Super Bowl roster. It worked sometimes and failed others. One that is still very strange today was at the quarterback position.

These NFL legends built their legacies elsewhere but played short stints for the Steelers:

3. Michael Vick

Everyone remembers when Michael Vick went to the Philadelphia Eagles after his stint in prison for dog fighting. He took the starting job from the legendary Donovan McNabb (well, technically from Kevin Kolb), and he had a resurgence to his career. Vick would likely have been voted second in MVP in 2010, but Tom Brady won the award unanimously.

Vick eventually lost his starting job to Nick Foles, and he went to the Jets. Then, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Vick signed with the Steelers very late in training camp in 2015. The signing caused a massive backlash due to Vick’s criminal past. Even owner Art Rooney II had to go on TV to defend the signing. Vick ended up playing when Ben Roethlisberger got hurt. Vick didn’t last, either. He was hurt a few weeks in, and he spent the rest of his time on the roster either recovering or inactive.

Vick would retire after the season, ending one of the most explosive careers in league history. His time with the Steelers was forgettable. However, it will always be remembered that this is where he finished his career.

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