3 splash trades to make for Trey Lance

Trey Lance is said to be available via trade, and the Minnesota Vikings should at least entertain the idea of a deal

Here you go, Minnesota Vikings fans: yet another juicy quarterback involved in trade rumors.

First, it was Lamar Jackson. Then, we saw mock drafts about the Vikings taking a quarterback in the first round. Now, it’s onto Trey Lance.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the 49ers are taking calls on potential deals involving Lance. The former No. 3 overall pick seems to have lost his job to last year’s “Mr. Irrelevant,” Brock Purdy. With Sam Darnold in the fold, as well, Lance’s career will have to kickstart somewhere else.

Now, before we kick off a few trade ideas for Minnesota, let’s just establish the elephant in the room. If they traded for Lance, Kirk Cousins would not be happy. But, he has just one year left on his deal at this stage, and if he wanted to get paid in 2024, Cousins would look at this as an opportunity to ball out this coming season.

In a perfect world for Cousins, Lance wouldn’t take over the starting job until 2024. But, regardless, here we go.

Splash trades the Minnesota Vikings could make for Trey Lance: Trade Number 1

Vikings Get

QB Trey Lance

49ers Get

2023 3rd Round Pick (No. 87)

2024 1st Round Pick

This deal is pretty simple. The Vikings get Lance, while the 49ers get a third rounder this year and a first-round pick next year. It seems like a tall price to pay for a kid who hasn’t taken a whole lot of snaps as a pro yet, and is coming off injury.

But, we have to remember what San Francisco gave up to get Lance just two years ago. The Vikings pay a relatively meek price in comparison.

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