3 first round mistakes the Steelers cannot make

The Steelers have two glaring needs going into the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, but could they shy away from them?

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, Pittsburgh Steelers fans are looking forward to continuing to right the ship.

An up-and-down rookie year from Kenny Pickett wasn’t the end-all, be-all, and the team continued to add talent around him when they traded for Allen Robinson on Tuesday. Now, it’s about adding another offensive tackle to give him the utmost protection.

On the defensive side of the ball, Pittsburgh could desperately use a cornerback. Luckily for them, there could be some juicy options at either of those positions. But, as we see each year, mistakes are made on Draft day.

The Steelers cannot afford to hear their name in those headlines come the following Monday morning.

First round mistakes the Steelers cannot make in the 2023 NFL Draft: Miss out on trading up for Jalen Carter if the price is right

For weeks now, Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter’s stock has been all over the place, and many outlets believe he will end up falling out of the top five or six picks. If he does, the Steelers should be paying attention.

Let’s say he gets to pick No. 10, and the Philadelphia Eagles are sitting there with the possibility of adding to their NFC Champion roster. Obviously, the Eagles would take him. But, that’s why the Steelers should strike sooner. The Chicago Bears would love to have him at no. 9, but their general manager, Ryan Poles, has a history of making trades.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know it, Poles made a deal last season with the Steelers when he acquired Chase Claypool.

If the Steelers offered the right type of package, there’s a strong likelihood the Bears would trade back again in order to stack more draft capital to continue rebuilding that roster.

Carter is a generational talent. We all know that. He can do things that no other interior lineman should be able to do at his size and coming out of college. The Steelers have greater needs, but could also use another guy up front on defense. If Carter’s price becomes doable for Pittsburgh to move up eight picks, then they have to pull the trigger.

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